Honduras expects bidding for 20-MW El Tablon in 2007

Honduras’ Comision Ejecutiva de Valle de Sula (CEVS) expects to begin tendering by mid-2007 for construction of the 20-MW El Tablon hydroelectric and irrigation project concession on the Chamelecon River in Cortes Department.

CEVS Project Director Humberto Calderon told Business News Americas a contract financed by the Kuwaiti government is to be awarded soon to review project details and bidding documents.

The US$85 million El Tablon is to provide power, water for drinking and irrigation, and flood control. Studies are under way to find resettlement areas for people displaced by the dam and reservoir as well as new routes for inundated roads.

El Tablon, 172-MW Jicatuyo on the Jicatuyo River, 97-MW Los Llanitos on the Ulua River, 100-MW Piedras Amarillas project on the Patuca River, and 58-MW Aguas de las Reinas on the Humuya River are hydro projects intended to reduce the thermal power dependence of utility Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica Honduras C.A.

El Tablon, Jicatuyo, and Los Llanitos all are multi-purpose dams designed to attract more private investment and develop the country’s renewable energy potential. Calderon said Jicatuyo and Los Llanitos are not as advanced as El Tablon and that CEVS is in talks with the government, which took office in January, to bring new officials up to speed on the projects.

For information, contact Project Director Humberto Calderon, Comision Ejecutiva de Valle de Sula, 8 Ave. 7-8 Calle S.O., San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras; (504) 557-9168; Fax: (504) 552-2578; E-mail: unidadejecutora-cevs@sulanet.net.

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