Hydro Research Foundation announces 2015 class of researchers

The Hydro Research Foundation has released its list of researchers for 2015.

The 2015 class of researchers, and their areas of focus, are:

  • Zahra Anwar, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Optimization of Climbing Substrates for Upstream Eel Passage Structures
  • Fred Carter, Lehigh University, Pump-storage Hydropower Design in a Wastewater Treatment Facility with an Aerating Runner
  • Katie Chapman, Northern Arizona University, Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Long-term Sustainability of Artificial Floods as a Sandbar Reconstruction and Maintenance Practice
  • Joy Foley, Colorado School of Mines, Detecting lnternal Erosion in Earthen Dams
  • Seth Gregg, Colorado School of Mines, Advanced Analysis of Hydroelectric Turbine Condition Monitoring Data for Early Damage Detection
  • Thomas Gualtieri, Washington State University, Application of Laser Based Additive Manufacturing to Innovate Novel Hard Surfaces and Repair Damaged Ones
  • Michelle Hummel, University of California-Berkeley, Hydrologic Regimes and Their Modifications: A Dynamic System Theory Approach and Implications for Hydropower Operations
  • Megan Kenworthy, University of Idaho, Maximizing the Habitat Restoration Potential of Controlled Releases at Hydropower Dams; Understanding Impacts of Hydrograph Form on Sediment Transport
  • Joseph Rand, University of California-Berkeley, Public Acceptance of Hydropower Relicensing: Economic, Environmental, and Social Trade-offs
  • Mike Starett, Oregon State University, A Hardware Test Bed for Validation and Optimization of Variable Speed Hydropower Systems
  • Laurel Stratton, Oregon State University, Controls on the Burial Efficiency of Reservoir Sediments: Understanding the Net Carbon Balance of Hydroelectric Reservoirs

Each award includes a living stipend; a tuition, fees and university-provided health insurance allowance; travel costs to attend the Annual Hydro Fellows Roundtable; and an award into a university’s discretionary account for the student’s academic advisor for the research.

These one-year awards are intended to allow the students to conduct focused research related to conventional and pumped-storage hydropower, as well as to attract student researchers to careers in hydro, HRF says.

The awards are made possible by a grant from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Since the beginning, 55 students have been funded to pursue advanced degrees and more than 70% of the graduating students are now working in the hydro industry.

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