Hydroelectricity on Facebook’s “Topics to Watch” list in January 2019

Each month Facebook releases a “Topics to Watch” list of “which topics of conversation on Facebook are on the cusp of going mainstream,” and hydroelectricity made the list for January.

Facebook said:

“Hydroelectricity is a form of energy that leverages the power of water. It’s generally considered a low-cost, renewable energy solution. In hydroelectric power plants, water flows into a turbine that generates electricity. In light of environmental concerns, people seem to have a growing interest in climate science, looking to understand the pros and cons of various renewable energy systems and possibilities for these systems in the future.”

The topic experienced 2x year-over-year growth and 0.6x month-over-month growth. Facebook’s statistics say men over age 65 are leading the conversation, with significant interest among women over age 65 and men ages 50 to 64.

And Facebook says topics associated with hydroelectricity are Energy Industry, Wind Power, Nuclear Power, Solar Energy, Greenhouse Gas, Natural Gas, Whirlpool, Coal, China and United States.

Facebook has also released its February 2019 list, but hydroelectricity did not make it in that month.

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