Hydropower project operator Manitoba Hydro earns Energy Star honors

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Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro received the Energy Star Utility of the Year from Natural Resources Canada during a ceremony earlier this week.

The award, presented by Canadian Minsiter of Natural Resources Jim Carr to Manitoba Hydro President and CEO Kelvin Shepherd, recognizes excellence in the promotion of energy efficiency.

“I’d like to thank our employees who develop and promote our various ‘Power Smart’ programs and our customers who have enthusiastically adopted them,” Shepherd said. “They are the reason we are being awarded for our efforts today.”

The Power Smart program is designed to help Manitoba Hydro customers reduce their energy bills through the wise use of energy.

The provincial utility operates 15 hydropower plants — notably the 1,340-MW Limestone, 1,120-MW Kettle and 1,010-MW Long Spruce projects — that account for the bulk of Manitoba Hydro’s cumulative 5,700 MW-worth of capacity across all generating assets.

“I’d also like to acknowledge the efforts of our federal partners in promoting the Energy Star program in Canada,” Shepherd, who will speak during the keynote session at HydroVision International 2016, said. “Having a program like this provides a clear signal to consumers regarding energy efficiency and performance. When we save energy we save the environment and money. There is simply no downside to improved efficiency.”

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