Iceland seeks engineering for three Thjorsa River projects

Iceland utility Landsvirkjun seek bids for consulting engineering work to help develop three hydroelectric projects on the lower Thjorsa River. Bids are due February 13.

Landsvirkjun seeks tender design and preparation of tender documents, and possibly detail design of civil works and design review of electro-mechanical works of the three projects to be built downstream from the 270-MW Burfell hydro project in southern Iceland. (HNN 6/19/06) Work is to be carried out between March 2007 and December 2011.

The three run-of-river projects include:
o Hvammur, 80 MW, including three kilometers of waterways, a concrete weir, 3.5-kilometer dyke, and a shaft-type powerhouse containing an 80-MW vertical Francis or Kaplan turbine. The plant would have a maximum flow of 300 cubic meters per second, a head of 32 meters, and average annual generation of 620 gigawatt-hours;
o Holt, 50 MW, described as a second stage of the Hvammur development, featuring short artificial waterways, an intake pond, and a powerhouse with two vertical Kaplan turbines. It would have a maximum flow of 310 cms, a head of 18 meters, and average annual generation of 390 GWh;
o Urridafoss, 125 MW, including a 4.3-kilometer dyke and reservoir, short underground penstocks, 3-kilometer tailrace tunnel, and an underground powerhouse with two vertical Kaplan units. It would have a design flow of 320 cms, a head of 42 meters, and average annual generation of 960 GWh.

Bid documents, in Icelandic, may be obtained until February 12 from the address below for 110 euros (US$140) by cash or credit card.

Bids, in English or Icelandic, are due by 2 p.m. February 13. For information, contact Landsvirkjun, Attn: Petur Petursson, Haaleitisbraut 68, IS-103 Reykjavik, Iceland; (354) 5159000; Fax: (354) 5159006; E-mail:; Internet:

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