International hydro group offers greenhouse gas forum

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) offers a forum July 15 on greenhouse gas emissions of reservoirs, in conjunction with the HydroVision 2008 conference, July 14-18 in Sacramento.

IHA said, increasingly, claims are made that reservoirs emit greenhouse gases, mainly methane and carbon dioxide, blamed as contributing to global warming. The forum, “Reservoirs, Hydropower, and Climate Change: Understanding the Greenhouse Gas Footprint,” is to present facts about greenhouse gas measurement at reservoirs, methods of predicting a greenhouse gas issue at a reservoir, and possible mitigation measures for problem reservoirs.

“In this important forum, the International Hydropower Association presents science-based information on the status of greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater reservoirs and shares a logical path forward for determining any human-induced footprint related to such emissions,” IHA said.

The forum also includes discussion of climate change in a broader context, as well as the importance of sustainable development and operation of reservoirs for water storage and power generation.

IHA has developed a Sustainability Assessment Protocol to promote greater consideration of environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the assessment of new energy supply options, new hydro projects, and the operation of existing hydro projects. (HNN 6/6/07)

The forum will be held from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. July 15. Registration is US$295. Information can be obtained from the Internet at

The IHA forum is among several symposia, workshops, meetings of professional organizations, and technical tours that are being held either prior to or immediately after the HydroVision 2008 conference. The HydroVision program consists of session “tracks” on such topics as Asset Management; Hydraulic Structures and Safety; New Development; Ocean/Tidal/Stream Power; Operations and Maintenance; Policies and Regulations; and Water Resources. (HNN 9/6/07)

For details on the conference program or to register, contact HCI Publications, (1) 816-931-1311 ext. 129; Internet:

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