Iraq reopens rehab bidding for 415-MW Dokan, 249-MW Derbandikhan

The government of Iraq has reopened bidding for control, protection, and monitoring equipment for rehabilitation of the 415-MW Dokan and 249-MW Derbandikhan hydroelectric projects. Bids are due April 1.

The government previously requested bids by October 13, 2008. (HNN 8/7/08)

The World Bank approved a US$40 million loan to Iraq in 2006 to finance urgent repairs and to prepare for subsequent full rehabilitation of the dams in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. The regional government already seeks expressions of interest January 26 and February 3 for environmental consultants and an external auditor (HNN 1/2/09) and bids by February 25 for monitoring equipment for both plants. (HNN 10/30/08)

The multipurpose projects, which require major rehabilitation due to neglect and damage from war, were built in 1975 and 1987 to serve the Iraq grid as peaking plants. Dokan is on the Lesser Zab River, 220 kilometers upstream from its confluence with the Tigris River. Derbandikhan is on the Sirwan River, 150 kilometers upstream from Hemren Dam.

The current solicitation includes design, manufacture, civil works, installation, training, testing, and commissioning of: control and monitoring systems; turbine governors; generator, transformer, and turbine protection systems; and energy meters.

Bid documents, in English, may be obtained upon written application to one of the addresses below with payment of US$100, plus US$50 if courier delivery is desired, in cash, certified check, or prior deposit into bank accounts.

Payment to the Ministry of Electricity is by certified check payable to Dokan and Derbandikhan Hydropower Project (PMT) or by deposit in Account No. 463, Kurdistan Regional Trade Bank, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Payment to consultant ELC Electroconsult is by certified check payable to ELC Electroconsult S.p.A or by deposit in Banco di Desio e della Brianza, BIC: BDBDIT22, IBAN: IT94K0344056400000078300009.

Bids are due by noon April 1 to Minister Hoshyar A. Siwaily, Ministry of Electricity, Kurdistan Regional Government, Brayaty, Street 60 meter, Erbil, Iraq.

For information, contact:
o General Directorate of Electricity of Sulaymaniyah, Fatih Saeed Salih,, Salm Street, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq; (964) 7-701580336; E-mail:;
o ELC Electroconsult S.p.A., Via 1 Maggio 41, 20021 Baranzate (Milano), Italy; (39) 02-383351; Fax: (39) 02-38335353; E-mail:

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