Itaipu hydro production surpasses Three Gorges in 2015

According to the Cihan News Agency, annual electricity production from the Itaipu hydro project surpassed that of Three Gorges in 2015.

Itaipu, a 14,000-MW project on the Parana River between Brazil and Paraguay, produced 89.2 TWh of electricity in 2015, 2.6% more than 22,500-MW Three Gorges on the Yangtze River in China.

This is a reversal from 2014 results, in which Itaipu fell second to Three Gorges, in part because of the water crisis in Brazil. In that year, Three Gorges generated 98.8 TWh.

The two plants have traded the record for annual production several times in recent years. Three Gorges established a record high 98.1 TWh in 2012, then Itaipu broke Three Gorges’ record with 98.63 TWh in 2013.

Since it began operating in May 1984, Itaipu has generated 2,223 TWh of electricity, and this plant meets 15% of all electricity demand in Brazil and more than 75% in Paraguay.

Itaipu is expected to produce more than 90 TWh of electricity in 2016.


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