Italy utility seeks turbines for Verampio hydro

Enel Produzione SpA invites applications for pre-qualification to supply two replacement turbines totaling 52.6 MW for the Verampio hydropower plant in Italy’s Piedmont Region. Responses are due December 21.

Enel seeks two 26.3-MW horizontal Pelton turbines for a head of 566 meters, flow of 5.25 cubic meters per second, and speed of 600 rpm.

Bid documents may be obtained from the Internet at; search under Societa: Enel Produzione; Macrocategoria: Materiali; Data pubblicazione: November 25, 2006. Requests to participate, in Italian, are due by 2 p.m. December 21 to the address below.

For information, contact Enel SpA, Acquisti e Servizi � GCG, Via Carducci 1/3, Attn: dott. Maurizio Albore I-20123 Milano, Italy; (39) 02-23015236; Fax: (39) 02-23015433; E-mail:; Internet:

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