Kazakhstan seeks Yntumak Dam rehab, new hydro plant

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture invites applications for pre-qualification to rehabilitate Yntumak Dam and reservoir and build a new hydro plant. Responses are due June 14.

With funding from the World Bank, the ministry’s Committee for Water Resources seeks contractors under the Nura River Clean-up Project. The project is to allow the dam to provide flow control for the Nura River and to manage mercury contaminated sediments in the reservoir.

Work includes completion of the partially built Yntumak Reservoir, including rehabilitation of a 1.6-kilometer-long, 22.5-meter-tall earthfill main dam; construction of a spillway with rubber dam for a design flood of 3,000 cms; refurbishment and adaptation of a bottom outlet; and construction of a 700-kW hydroelectric plant. The hydro plant also is to be connected to Kazakhstan’s transmission grid.

Construction is to be completed in the 2008 and 2009 construction seasons.

Pre-qualification documents in English may be obtained from the address below. Applications for pre-qualification are due by June 14, labeled �Application to Pre-qualification within the �Nura River Clean-up’ Project, Contract NRC-B3, Yntumak Reservoir Rehabilitation and Technical Re-equipment.�

For information, contact Chairman A.D. Ryabtsev, Committee for Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, 28A Mozhaisky St., Room 301, Astana 010008 Kazakhstan; (7) 3172-274373; Fax: (7) 3172-274372; E-mail: consultants_astana@nursat.kz.

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