Low-impact certification sought for 70.56-MW Greenup, 17.92-MW Twin Cities

The Low Impact Hydropower Institute seeks public comments on applications to certify the 70.56-MW Greenup hydro project in Ohio and the 17.92-MW Twin Cities project in Minnesota as �low-impact� hydropower. Comments are due Dec. 30 and Jan. 30, 2009.

Greenup project

The city of Hamilton, Ohio, owns and operates 70.56-MW Greenup (No. 2614), at Greenup Locks and Dam on the Ohio River in Greenup County, Ky., and Scioto County, Ohio. The Corps of Engineers manages the locks and dam, which are located five miles downstream of Greenup, Ky.

The project originally was licensed to the city of Vanceburg, Ky., by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 1976. It was completed and placed in service in December 1982. FERC transferred the project’s operating license from the city of Vanceburg to the city of Hamilton in 1988.

Twin Cities project

Brookfield Renewable Power owns and operates the 17.92-MW Twin Cities project (No. 362), at the Corps’ Lock and Dam No. 1, on the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minn. Brookfield acquired the project from Ford Motor Co. in 2008. (HNN 4/7/08)

Twin Cities is in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, a unit of the national park system. Brookfield operates the project in a run-of-river mode, and proposes no new construction or capacity.

To receive low-impact certification, an applicant must demonstrate its project meets criteria addressing: river flows, water quality, fish passage and protection, watershed health, endangered species protection, cultural resources, recreation use and access, and whether the dam is recommended for removal.

Institute recertifies 3.7-MW Black Creek

LIHI recertified the 3.7-MW Black Creek project (No. 6221), a run-of-river plant on a tributary of Washington’s North Fork Snoqualmie River. LIHI first certified the project in 2003.

The new certification, to project owner Hydro Energy Development Corp., is effective until April 2013. Black Creek has annual average generation of 10,000 megawatt-hours.

Since 2001, the non-profit LIHI has certified or recertified more than three dozen projects that it says demonstrate minimal effects on fish and wildlife. (HNN 9/9/08) The voluntary program is designed to help consumers identify environmentally sound, low-impact facilities for emerging �green� energy markets.

The Greenup and Twin Cities applications are available from the LIHI Internet site at www.lowimpacthydro.org. Comments are due Dec. 30, 2008, and Jan. 30, 2009, respectively, to LIHI, 34 Providence St., Portland, ME 04103; Fax: (1) 206-984-3086; E-mail: info@lowimpacthydro.org.

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