Macedonia names consultants for renewables program

Macedonia’s Energy Agency has named consultants for a sustainable energy development program that includes strong potential for small hydropower.

With a grant from the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility, the government seeks to change Macedonia’s unfavorable investment and incentive conditions for energy efficiency and renewable energy. (HNN 9/24/07)

Program documents say Macedonia has indigenous resources including small hydropower, geothermal, biomass, and wind resources. They said there about 400 small hydro sites throughout the country that could generate up to 20 percent of the country’s electricity requirements.

The Energy Agency named consultant Goran Cogelia of Skopje to serve as team leader and sustainable energy expert for the Project Development Assistance Facility (PDAF) under a US$39,350 contract through March 2009. Consultant Igor Gesovski of Skopje received a US$12,474 contract to serve as financial-economic expert for the PDAF through May 2009. Consultant Jasminka Dimitrova Kapac of Skopje received a US$12,000 contract to serve as junior expert at PDAF through may 2009.

The agency awarded Aresnov Konsalting Inzinering of Skopje a US$26,040 contract to prepare a rule book for acquiring the status of preferential producer of electricity from renewable energy sources. It awarded IPA Energy + Water Consulting of the United Kingdom an US$80,000 contract to prepare a rule book for guarantee of origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

MAKPETROL A.D. of Skopje received a contract worth 419,470 denars (US$9,183) to supply computer equipment for the program.

The sustainable energy development program documents said the Ministry of Economy has developed a pipeline of four small projects of from 500 kW to 5 MW proposed by public sector entities and 11 mini-hydro projects of from 100 kW to 1 MW proposed by private investors. However, the projects suffer from institutional constraints including water rights restrictions and limited access to finance.

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