Mavel refurbishes Slovakia’s 507-kW Podluzany

Mavel a.s. of the Czech Republic announced successful recommissioning of the 507-kW Podluzany hydroelectric project on Slovakia’s Nitra River.

On behalf of owner ZPMS Eneko, Mavel completed refurbishment in December and restarted the project, 20 kilometers north of Nitra.

Podluzany originally had a 55-kW Francis turbine and asynchronous generator, plus a 1991 permit to install five MT5 micro-turbines. Due to changes in the energy sector, ZPMS Eneko contracted with Mavel to install a single 452-kW Kaplan turbine instead of the five smaller units.

Mavel delivered one KA 1580 unit with runner diameter of 1,580 millimeters, three blades, and 16 guide vanes. Due to higher efficiencies, the Kaplan now is running as the primary unit, with the Francis turbine being operated at high or low flows.

The Czech firm also supplied a generator, trashracks, cleaning machines, draft tube gate hydraulics, and electrical equipment.

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