NRC to fund inland and offshore MHK turbine development

The National Research Council of Canada, through its Industrial Research Assistance Program, is providing financial support to Canada-based Instream Energy Systems, and IT Power Consulting (ITP), based in Bristol, UK, to develop a floating tidal turbine platform.

Instream Energy Systems’ scalable vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines, co-developed with BAE Systems, convert marine hydrokinetic (MHK) energy into electricity. Instream both develops and deploys MHK turbines in multiple markets.

Instream is working with ITP on second-generation floating tidal turbine platform design that if successful would allow site-specific deployment in coastal and inland marine environments for its vertical axis tidal turbines.

“We are delighted to be continuing our work with Instream and their innovative technology,” said ITP Offshore Group Manager, Joe Hussey.

“Designing a floating platform for Instream’s vertical axis turbine opens up vast market potential in the UK and further afield. This is a significant project within the tidal stream industry and IT Power are excited to be involved.”

ITP reports it is involved in numerous projects:

  • Marine energy
    H2OCEAN: Multi-purpose offshore marine energy platform design study, Europe
    UK-China Ocean Energy Technology Cooperation
  • Wave energy
    Wave Energy Suitability Report, St. Helena
    Wave Energy Technology Review, Australia
    Offshore Wave Energy Ltd. demonstrator, UK
  • Tidal energy
    Dynamically positioned barge for low-cost tidal installations, UK
    Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre EIA Scoping report, UK
    Pulse Tidal — development, test and demonstration, UK
    Jersey tidal feasibility study, Channel Islands
    Tidal barrage due diligence, Jiantiao, China
    Severn tidal fence, UK
    Seaflow — 300-kW Marine Current Turbine Tidal Energy Pilot Project, UK
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