PacifiCorp seeks 500 MW of renewables, including hydro, wave

PacifiCorp issued a solicitation for renewable energy totaling up to 500 MW, including wave, tidal, conventional hydropower, and pumped storage. Intent to bid forms are due Nov. 3, with bids due Dec. 22.

The request for proposals seeks renewable resources in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council area that comply with renewables portfolio standards and are new to PacifiCorp’s resource portfolio. (HNN 5/15/08)

The solicitation, 2008R-1 RFP, calls for renewable resources that can achieve commercial operation before the end of 2011.
Each project is limited to no more than 300 MW and an expected annual output of at least 25,000 MWh. Bidders also may offer renewable resources coupled with energy storage, such as pumped storage.

The solicitation defines renewable resources as electric generation facilities, generation capabilities, or upgrades that become operational after Jan. 1, 1995, and derive their energy from qualified resources.

Qualified resources include: wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy, and hydroelectric energy with a nameplate capacity less than 50 MW, if the facility is certified by a national certification organization as low-impact hydropower. Resources also include efficiency upgrades to hydroelectric facilities that became operational after Jan. 1, 1995, and hydroelectric energy within Utah, without regard to operation date.

Other eligible renewables include wind, solar, geothermal, and waste energy.

PacifiCorp said the solicitation would help it acquire a portion of the renewables identified in its 2007 Integrated Resource Plan. The plan calls for PacifiCorp to acquire 1,400 MW of new renewable resources by 2010, and an additional 600 MW by 2013.

Intent to bid forms for the 2008R-1 RFP solicitation are due Nov. 3. Proposals are due Dec. 22. PacifiCorp said it expects to evaluate proposals by March 2009 and to finish negotiations with bidders by June 30, 2009. The solicitation is available from the �Suppliers &RFPs� area of the utility’s Internet site, PacifiCorp said questions about the RFP and related documents should be sent to the company by e-mail at

PacifiCorp evaluates proposals from earlier RFP

PacifiCorp is completing evaluations of bids received in an earlier solicitation, 2008R RFP, for renewable resources of less than 100 MW for more than five years, or more than 100 MW for five years or less. That solicitation called for renewables that can achieve commercial operation before Dec. 31, 2009.

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