Pakistan awards study concessions for seven new hydro sites

Pakistan’s Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) has awarded letters of interest for private firms to study developing seven “raw” hydroelectric project sites totaling 1,620 MW.

Although PPIB announced the February 8 action, it did not announce the names of the winning firms. Three of the seven projects are in Northwest Frontier Province, while four are in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. They were offered in a notice to bidders last year. (HNN 8/10/06)

The projects include:
o 197-MW Kalam-Asrit, Swat River, near Kalam, Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP);
o 209-MW Asrit-Kedam, Swat River, near Kalam, NWFP;
o 548-MW Kaigah, Indus River, near Dasu, NWFP;
o 222-MW Azad Pattan, Jhelum River, near Azad Pattan, Azad-Jammu-Kashmir State (AJK);
o 240-MW Karot, Jhelum River, near Karot, AJK;
o 65-MW Sehra, Poonch River, AJK; and
o 139-MW Chakothi-Hatian, Jhelum River, AJK.

PPIB said highest-ranked bidders were given letters of interest for carrying out bankable detailed feasibility studies at their own cost. On completion of the feasibility studies, the parties would be eligible to develop and build the projects.

Federal Water and Power Minister Liaquat Ali Jatoi said the government is working on a fast-track basis to facilitate foreign and local investors to bring investment to the power sector.

Pakistan to increase heights of 83-MW Kurram Tangi, 740-MW Munda

A day earlier, Jatoi directed agencies to increase the heights of the 83-MW Kurram Tangi Dam and 740-MW Munda Dam.

In a meeting of Pakistani power, water, and irrigation officials, Jatoi directed the Water and Power Development Authority to improve the design of Kurram Tangi within four months, with an increased water storage capacity of 1.2 million acre-feet. (HNN 1/16/07) He also directed Frontier Works Organization to start preliminary work for construction of the dam on the Kurram River in Northwest Frontier Province.

The meeting also decided that Munda Dam on the Swat River is to be a multipurpose project, supplying water for irrigation, to mitigate flooding, and to generate power. The height of the dam is to be increased to 703 feet as already determined in a feasibility study.

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