Pakistan seeks bids to develop seven new hydro sites

Pakistan’s Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) invites proposals from investors by July 31 for the development of seven “raw” hydroelectric project sites totaling 1,620 MW.

The agency said three of the seven projects are in Northwest Frontier Province, while four are in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir.

The projects include:
o 197-MW Kalam-Asrit, Swat River, near Kalam, Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP);
o 209-MW Asrit-Kedam, Swat River, near Kalam, NWFP;
o 548-MW Kaigah, Indus River, near Dasu, NWFP;
o 222-MW Azad Pattan, Jhelum River, near Azad Pattan, Azad-Jammu-Kashmir State (AJK);
o 240-MW Karot, Jhelum River, near Karot, AJK;
o 65-MW Sehra, Poonch River, AJK; and
o 139-MW Chakothi-Hatian, Jhelum River, AJK.

Two projects, Kalam-Asrit, and Asrit-Kedam, resulted from division of the previously identified 410-MW Kedam project, in accordance with one alternative of a comprehensive study of Pakistan hydropower by Germany’s technical assistance organization, Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ).

Last year, PPIB selected bidders to develop another seven projects totaling 1,804 MW. In that solicitation, PPIB said “raw” projects would be exempted from income, turnover, and withholding taxes, while the government would guarantee that power purchase agreements would be implemented.

PPIB said private power developers would be pre-qualified and ranked based on their proposals. Highest-ranked bidders would be given letters of interest for carrying out bankable detailed feasibility studies at their own cost. On completion of the feasibility studies, the parties would be eligible to develop and build the projects.

Pre-qualification documents and ranking criteria may be obtained from the address below or from the Internet after payment of a registration fee of 6,000 rupees or US$100 and a document fee of 60,000 rupees or US$1,000 by demand draft or pay order to PPIB, payable on a bank branch in Islamabad. Payment also may be made by wire transfer, confirmed to PPIB by e-mail to

Bids are due July 31 to the address below. For information, see the Internet at, or contact Managing Director Zafar Ali Khan, Private Power &Infrastructure Board, Ministry of Water &Power, 50 Nazimuddin Road, F-7/4, Islamabad, Pakistan; (92) 51-9205423; Fax: (92) 51-9217735; E-mail:,

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