Peru grants study concession for 730-MW Veracruz

Peru’s Energy and Mines Ministry has granted a concession to Compania Energetica Veracruz to perform a feasibility study of the 730-MW Veracruz hydroelectric project in Cajamarca and Amazonas departments.

The temporary concession, approved April 25, allows Compania Energetica Veracruz to perform studies related to potential power generation at the Veracruz site. Peru’s state-run Andina news service said the company was granted 24 months to carry out the studies.

The studies are to be conducted in the districts of Cujillo, La Ramada, Pion, Chimban, Choropampa, Cortegana, Chumuch, Yamon, Lonya Grande, Camporredondo, Providencia, Ocumal, and Pisuquia in the provinces of Cutervo, Chota, Celendin, Luya, and Utcubamba.

In performing the study, the concessionaire is required to respect regulatory standards and security, preserving the environment and cultural resources. If Compania Energetica Veracruz fails to perform the study within the established guidelines and schedule, it will forfeit a guarantee to the Direccion General de Electricidad.

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