Power Machines to reconstruct historic 83-MW Volkhovskaya

Russia’s Territorial Generation Co. No. 1 (TGC-1) has awarded a contract to Power Machines to reconstruct Unit 1 of the historic 83-MW Volkhovskaya hydroelectric project on the Volkhov River in Russia’s Leningrad Oblast.

Volkhovskaya is the first hydropower plant to be built under the Soviet Union’s Electrification State Program (GOELRO) in 1926. Power Machines said the plant is a historical monument of Russian science and engineering.

Power Machines is to manufacture and supply a turbine and generator, modernize controls and excitation, and implement an automatic process control system using microprocessor control panels. The 9-MW unit is to be increased to 12 MW upon completion in 2008.

Volkhovskaya has five 9-MW units and three 12-MW units. The 12-MW units were rebuilt in the 1990s.

Power Machines said it and TGC-1 were studying the possibility of rebuilding the other four 9-MW units. It said they also were studying possible reconstruction of two units of the 99-MW Nizhne-Svirskaya hydroelectric project.

TGC-1 was registered in 2005 to involve 56 power plants in four regions. Its hydro projects, by region, include:
o St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast: Volkhovskaya; Vuoksinskiye Cascade including 94-MW Lesogorskaya and 70.3-MW Svetogorskaya; and Nizhne-Svirskaya;
o Karelian Republic: 24-MW Segozierskaya (proposed for commissioning 2013-2015); 86.8-MW Beloporozhskaya (proposed for commissioning 2013-2017: 25.6-MW Kondopozhskaya; several small hydros;
o Murmanskaya Oblast: Nivskie Cascade including 60-MW Niva 2 and 155.5-MW Niva 3; and Pazskie Cascade including 11.2-MW Kaitakosky and 30.5-MW Yaniskoski.

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