Premiers release Canadian Energy Strategy, hydro’s contribution recognized

Canada’s Premiers have released the Canadian Energy Strategy, and hydro is recognized for its significant contribution to electricity generation in the country.

This strategy is intended to provide the foundation for provinces and territories to work together on energy priorities and the shared goals of ensuring Canada is a recognized international leader in sustainable and secure energy production, supply and transportation.

“The energy sector has been a primary driver of Canada’s economy for many decades,” the strategy says. “In addition to meeting our energy needs, the development of our energy resources attracts investment, generates significant income growth, and improves the quality of life for people and communities across the country.”

The provinces and territories are constitutional owners and managers of Canada’s natural resources and thus share a responsibility to ensure the country’s energy security, the strategy says.

Some key statements in the energy strategy include:

— Canada is one of the world’s five largest energy producers

— Canada ranks third in global hydroelectricity generation, which is used to generate 63 percent of electricity across the country

— Seventy-nine percent of Canadian electricity generation comes from low or zero carbon-emitting sources

— The energy industry directly employs more than 280,000 Canadians

— Almost 10 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product is from the energy sector

The strategy expresses a renewed vision for the energy future in Canada and expresses a set of objectives and principles for future work in the sector.

This strategy demonstrates the premiers’ commitment to strengthening the economy, creating jobs, ensuring a secure supply of energy for all Canadians, supporting energy innovation and addressing climate change, according to a press release.

To view the complete report, click here.

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