Reclamation plans training on protecting facilities utilizing protective coatings

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Technical Service Center will be hosting the Corrosion and Protective Coatings Hands-on Training from Oct. 25-27, 2011, in Denver, Colo., to familiarize participants with the issues relating to corrosion of metal and corrosion protection.

The USBR course is open to anyone and will cost $1,050.

The course is intended for engineers, technicians, specification writers, technical project managers and other staff associated with construction and repair of water resource structures.

Students who attend the Corrosion and Protective Coatings Hands-on Training will learn how corrosion occurs and methods to minimize and prevent corrosion to infrastructure protective coatings, cathodic protection, new technologies and inspection and repair techniques relating to maintenance and repair infrastructure.

The course will also discuss methods to control quagga and zebra mussels, with emphasis on antifouling coating control methods.

To learn more about the training or to get the registration materials, visit:

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