Romania seeks consultant to study hydro development

Romanian utility Hidroelectrica S.A. seeks expressions of interest by June 5 from consultants to help select alternatives for hydropower development, with a potential for private sector involvement.

Hidroelectrica is sharing in funds from a US$1 billion World Bank loan facility to integrate national energy systems of southeastern Europe into the European Union energy market. The first phase of that funding was a 66 million euro (US$84.3 million) World Bank loan for work including rehabilitation of the 510-MW Lotru-Ciunget hydropower plant on Romania’s Lotru River.

In the current solicitation, Hidroelectrica seeks:
o Analysis of economic and technical feasibilities for selected projects;
o Prioritization of investment projects;
o Revision and analysis of possible alternatives — such as joint companies or private investments — for financing and developing selected projects;
o Identification of potential sources and financing schemes;
o Establishment of comprehensive criteria in view of selection of some potential private investors; and
o Developing a proposal for the most appropriate alternatives to be considered by Hidroelectrica as part of its development strategy.

Consultants are invited to submit expressions of interest and qualifications by June 5 to the address below. For information, contact Hidroelectrica S.A., Marketing, Privatization, and International Affairs Division, Attn.: Mrs. Carmen Marin, Director, 3 Constatin Nacu St., 020995 Bucharest, Romania; (40) 21-3032512; Fax: (40) 21-3111174; E-mail:

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