RusHydro, Voith renegotiate Saratovskaya hydropower plant rehab deal

PJSC RusHydro and equipment manufacturer Voith Hydro have approved preliminary terms of a deal to optimize costs associated with rehabilitation of the 1,360-MW Saratovskaya hydroelectric plant.

According to the Russian energy giant, meetings today drop the value of the deal by slightly more than US$83 million.

The original value of the contract was not disclosed. However, reported in September 2011 that Voith had signed a deal to modernize Saratovskaya’s first five Kaplan turbines for about $191 million. The companies have since expanded the contract to allow for Voith to rehabilitate all of the plant’s 21 turbines, increasing its total capacity by 10%.

The contract stipulates that some of the equipment is to be manufactured in Russia by a RusHydro/Voith Hydro joint venture called VolgaHydro LLC.

Saratovskaya is part of the 10,000-MW Volga-Kama cascade, which is located in southwestern Russia.

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