Russia republic unveils rapid hydro development program

The hydropower utility in Russia’s Dagestan Republic has announced a hydropower development program that envisions building three cascades of hydro projects totaling 2,400 MW plus numerous smaller hydro projects by 2020.

Dagestan, which is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, has utilized only 10 percent of its hydropower potential, which is estimated at 16,000 MW. JSC Regional Power Generation Co. of Dagestan (Dagenergo) said September 15 that the 17 million people it serves are expected experience electricity shortages in the near future unless action is taken.

Dagenergo announced a �Program for Rapid Development of Hydropower Industry by 2020� focusing on utilization of hydropower resources of the Sulak and Samur river basins, as well as reconstruction and modernization of existing hydro plants and the reconstruction and new construction of small hydro projects.

The utility said it plans to build a cascade of five hydropower projects, totaling 1,000 MW, on the Andi Koisu River by 2010. Construction is to begin in 2007 on the first, 200-MW Agvali, with a reservoir of 500 million cubic meters.

During a hydro business visit to France in July, officials of Dagenergo reached an agreement for Electricite of France to perform an expert estimation of the proposed construction of the Agvali project. During the visit, Dagenergo also received pledges of French cooperation to help develop Dagestan’s hydro resources as well as a Small-Size Hydropower Plants Program for the Russian Federation. (HNN 7/17/06)

Dagenergo plans another cascade of hydro projects totaling 1,100 MW on the Avar Koisu River. In 2007, work is to be carried out on the 100-MW Gotsati project on the Avar Koisu.

Construction also is to start in 2007 on the 200-MW Akhti 2 project, the first of four in a cascade totaling 300 MW on the Samur River.

New small hydro projects to total 100 MW

The company also is to build small hydro projects totaling 100 MW, employing Dagenergo’s progressive small-hydro technology, named Prometheus.

One such project, 600-kW Agul on the Chirakhchai River, was put into service in March. It had generated 1 million kilowatt-hours by September 14, Dagenergo said. Construction began in September of the 1.2-MW Maikchai hydro project.

In addition, the 1.2-MW Uliyanovsk project is to be completed in November for 23 million rubles (US$860,000). It is to generate electricity from purified water released from the city of Uliyanovsk’s sewage treatment plant.

Dagenergo also said at the end of 2006 it is to begin construction of the 44-MW Gelbakh hydro project.

For information, contact Magomedrasul Magomedov, Deputy General Director for Investment Policy, JSC Regional Power Generation Co. of Dagestan, 39 A R.Gamzatova Ave., Makhachkala, Dagestan 367000 Russia; (8722) 780586; Fax: (8722) 780604; E-mail:; Internet:

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