Russian firm equips India’s 150-MW Balimela extension

Russian equipment supplier Power Machines has completed installation of two 75-MW turbine-generators and other equipment for the 150-MW extension of the 360-MW Balimela hydroelectric project in India’s Orissa State.

Under a US$30 million contract signed with Orissa Hydro Power Corp. in 2003, Power Machines manufactured and supplied two turbines, generators, ball gate valves, auxiliary systems, outdoor switchgear, and water conduits.

Power Machines said March 30 that both units have begun operation, with one still in final guarantee testing.

The original 360-MW Balimela project includes six 60-MW Russian turbine-generators commissioned between 1973 and 1977. The project was operated by the state irrigation department until it was transferred to the state-owned Orissa Hydro Power Corp. in 1997.

“Through participation in Stage 2 of the Balimela HPP construction, Power Machines continued their successful development of the Indian power engineering equipment market,” the manufacturer said.

Power Machines said last year it completed installation of four 250-MW turbine-generators at 1,000-MW Tehri Dam, part of the 2,400-MW Tehri hydropower complex being developed in India’s Uttar Pradesh State. (HNN 11/21/08)

The company currently is fabricating equipment for refurbishment of the 105-MW Loktak hydroelectric project on the Loktak River in India’s Manipur State. (HNN 4/2/08) Power Machines said it is modernizing three turbines and control systems to increase their capacity from to 40 MW each from 35 MW. The upgraded plant is to be commissioned in 2009.

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