Russian firm helps supply Mexican, Russian hydropower projects

Russian equipment supplier OMZ Group reports its IZ-ZMK unit has signed a contract with hydropower equipment builder OJSC Power Machines to supply components for hydroelectric projects in Mexico and Russia.

OMZ, the Uralmash-Izhora Group, said IZ-ZMK is to supply metal components for rotors and stators for the 750-MW La Yesca hydropower project on Mexico’s Santiago River (HNN 3/16/09) and the 3,000-MW Boguchanskaya hydro project on Russia’s Angara River. (HNN 8/20/08)

The 100 million ruble (US$3 million) contract calls for IZ-ZMK to produce and ship two sets of metal components for La Yesca and three sets for Boguchanskaya, with a total weight of more than 1,500 tons. The equipment is to be delivered in December.

IZ-ZMK manufactured five analogous sets of components for hydropower plants in cooperation with Power Machines in 2008.

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