Russian firm signs to rehab Afghans’ 100-MW Naghlu

Russian hydro equipment supplier Technopromexport announced the signing Aug. 31 of a US$32 million contract for refurbishment of the 100-MW Naghlu hydroelectric project, 50 miles east of Kabul on Afghanistan’s Kabul River.

The government of Afghanistan announced the contract award in July, saying Technopromexport was chosen in competition with Sino Hydro China and Farab Co. of Iran, whose bids were declared technically non-responsive. (HNN 7/11/06)

The contract, to require 40 months, includes supply and installation for extensive refurbishment of Naghlu’s four 25-MW turbines, generators, valves, and control, regulation, and protection equipment.

Technopromexport built Naghlu in 1967-1978 with assistance from the then-Soviet Union.

Naghlu carbon program would require consultants

The World Bank, which funded the Naghlu work from a credit for emergency power rehabilitation, is considering additional aid to Afghanistan related to the project.

The bank’s International Development Association is conducting pre-appraisal of a proposal to provide US$3.6 million to prepare a carbon finance operation for Naghlu.

The program would help commercialize the carbon dioxide emissions reductions resulting from the rehabilitation of Naghlu, as part of the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gases.

If the program is approved, the bank said consultants would be recruited to develop a project design document and to conduct verification activities.

For information, contact, Minister Wnwar-ul Haq Ahady, Ministry of Finance, Pastoonistan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan; (93) 75-2004199; E-mail:

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