Russian firm to replace units of 1,360-MW Saratovskaya

Russian equipment supplier Power Machines has signed a contract with hydro utility HydroOGK to supply two replacement turbine-generators for the 1,360-MW Saratovskaya hydroelectric project.

Power Machines said it is to design, manufacture, and supply two 54-MW horizontal bulb turbines and generators. The company also is to provide supervision and technical commissioning supervision.

The replacements for Units 22 and 23 are to increase the capacity of each unit by 9 MW and improve their reliability at peak loads. The equipment is to be supplied in the second quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011.

Power Machines said the horizontal bulb turbines are used at low-head hydro plants such as Saratovskaya, whose original units were designed in 1967-1969 by Power Machines units LMZ and Electrosila. When commissioned, the original 45-MW units were the most powerful in the Soviet Union with the largest diameters, 7.5 meters. They were operated as test models to improve the technology, Power Machines said.

HydroOGK last year said it planned to seek bids for turbine-generators and switchgear for rehabilitation of Saratovskaya and other hydropower plants of the 10,000-MW Volga-Kama hydropower cascade. (HNN 7/20/07) Since that time, it has called for bids to supply units at 2,541-MW Volzhskaya (HNN 5/13/08) and 346.4-MW Rybinskaya. (HNN 5/22/08)


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