South Korea utility adds 60-MW unit to 79.6-MW Cheongpyeong

Korea Hydro &Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) plans to invest 80 billion won (US$63.6 million) to add a 60-MW Unit 4 to the 79.6-MW Cheongpyeong hydroelectric project on South Korea’s Hanggang Water System.

KHNP broke ground in March for the work to add the new generating unit, which will boost total project capacity to 139.6 MW by June 2011. Upon completion in 2015, Cheongpyeong is to become KHNP’s largest hydroelectric project, surpassing the 120-MW Paldang project.

The construction project involves cutting a tunnel through a hill next to the dam, making a waterway, and installing a generator. The new unit is to utilize water discharged from the project during the flood season.

�We expect that the construction of Unit 4 of Cheongpyeong hydroelectric power plant will replace about 4.1 billion won (US3.2 million) in annual petroleum imports and also reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 27,000 tons based on 2007 data,� KHNP President Jong-shin Kim said. �Considering the difficulties involved in discovering new renewable energy resources, this is a great example of developing large-scale new renewable energy.�

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