Sweden deploys 120-ton subsea generator switchgear at MHK project

A significant step to develop the first megawatt from the marine hydrokinetic (MHK) Sotenas Wave Energy Plant off of Sweden’s west coast took place earlier this month when a 120-ton subsea generator switchgear was deployed and connected to the Swedish national power grid via a 10-km-long subsea cable.

According to a press release from Seabased AB, a Sweden-based MHK company, a number of wave energy converters were also connected to the subsea switchgear.

In 2011, Fortum and Seabased AB signed an agreement to construct an MHK park in Sotenas, Sweden. Once it begins generating power, according to Seabased, the park will be the world’s largest, full-scale demonstration project of its kind.

“This is a very significant step for us. As soon as the buoys are connected to the generators we can start to produce electricity for our customers,” said Heli Antila, chief technology officer at Fortum.

“This grid connection of a subsea generator switchgear is the first in the world,” said Mats Leijon, Seabased chief executive officer. “We are very happy to have reached this milestone.”

Seabased was founded in 2001 as an innovation and patent holding company closely associated with the research being done at the Swedish Centre for Renewable Electric Energy Conversion at Angstrom Laboratory located on the campus of Uppsala University, a world leading education center for MHK. The research is directed by Leijon, who together with Hans Bernhoff, are company founders and majority owners.

Seabased seeks to grow and develop into a full-service turnkey wave energy park provider that can supply clients with environmental pre-studies, aid in acquiring permits and training personnel in system maintenance services.


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Gregory B. Poindexter formerly was an associate editor for HydroWorld.com.

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