Swedish agency awards 17 project consulting contracts

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) has awarded 17 contracts to consultants to carry out sustainable energy project preparation work, including hydropower projects.

SIDA awarded framework agreements for short-term assignments, up to six person-months, especially of a preparatory nature. (HNN 9/11/06) Areas include hydropower, energy sector planning, legal and institutional frameworks, rural electrification, renewable energy sources, district heating, and demand-side management.

The agency awarded contracts totaling 1.6 million kronor (US$244,160) to 17, mostly Swedish, companies:
o Tord Holmstrom Konsult AB, Stockholm, US$12,375;
o Ingvar Spanne Konsult AB, Jarfalla, US$13,260;
o Ann Kampe Projektkonsult, Sollentuna, US$12,965;
o SEAPCO AB, Stockholm, US$11,566;
o Stone Power AB, Stockholm, US$13,260;
o AB Svensk Exportkredit, Stockholm, US$14,144;
o AF Process AB, Malmo, US$14,733;
o PM Global Infrastructure Inc., United States, US$13,260;
o Ramboll Denmark A/S, Denmark, US$11,197;
o SWECO International AB, Stockholm, US$16,440;
o Ilexum Consulting, Jarfalla, US$13,995;
o Ord &Energi i Jarbo AB, Jarbo, US$11,787;
o Advokatfirman Oebergs AB, Stockholm, US429,395;
o FVB Sverige AB, Vasteras, US$13,379;
o ECON Analys AB, Stockholm, US$15,766;
o Reng Consulting AB, Skivarp, US$13,114;
o AIEKA AB, Taby, US$13,260.

SIDA supports international energy sector development to help promote sustainable energy systems that enable poor people to improve their lives. Key elements are efficient infrastructure for generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, energy efficiency, and development of new legislation and strategies to promote renewable energy and consideration of the environment.

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