Swedish tech company signs hydroelectric power supply deal with Vattenfall

European utility Vattenfall has signed a deal with Swedish company Hydro66 to provide hydroelectric power for a data server center in northern Sweden.

The two-year agreement will see Vattenfall supply between 40 and 50 MW of energy for use in Hydro66’s 8,000 square meter colocation data facility as part of the tech company’s commitment to being entirely renewable-powered.

Power supplied to Hydro66 will be drawn from plants on Sweden’s Lule River, which, according to 2013 estimates, produces about 13.6 million MWh of hydroelectric power per year.

“We are very happy to welcome Hydro66 as a new customer and to announce another strong data center supply partnership, which is an important growth area for Vattenfall in the Nordic region,” Vattenfall sales manager Matts Wesslen said. “An innovative company such as Hydro66 choosing Vattenfall as supplier shows the strengths of being a solid company with a long history in Sweden. We know our business and our customers’ needs.”

Hyro66 chose hydropower due to its low carbon footprint, according to the company’s website, in addition to its ability to provide stable pricing and a consistent supply.

Meanwhile, the data center’s location near the Arctic Circle will allow Hydro66 to cool the facility entirely with ambient air, halving its power costs over data centers cooled with compressor-based air conditioning.

“Establishing our first green data center in Bodean means we can offer at least 50% annual cost savings to our customers along with an environmentally friendly solution and enhanced flexibility,” Hydro 66 business development director Paul Morrison said. “Vattenfall has met all our requirements and being the biggest energy business in Sweden, their network, expertise in the area and production and grid possibilities made the supplier choice very easy for us.

HydroWorld.com reported in June 2013 that social media giant Facebook had signed a similar power supply deal with Vattenfall for a data center located in the same region. Vattenfall has also supplied power for KmCMiner data centers.


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Michael Harris formerly was Editor for HydroWorld.com.

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