Tajikistan seeks consultants for hydro-based energy program

The government of hydro-rich Tajikistan invites expressions of interest from consultants to help identify energy projects with private sector participation and export orientation. Responses are due by February 15.

The government has a three-pronged strategy for economic development: a public-private partnership approach to developing hydro and coal-fired energy projects; planning to export project output to South Asia; and working closely with the World Bank and other international financial institutions to obtain technical and financial assistance.

Tajikistan already has joined Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to create a Central Asia South Asia Regional Electricity Market calling for export, initially, of 1,000 MW of hydropower from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan via Afghanistan to Pakistan. (HNN 12/4/06) It also has initiated the 670-MW Sangtuda 1 hydro project on the Vakhsh River with Unified Energy Systems of Russia (HNN 12/18/06), the 3,600-MW Rogun hydro project on the Vakhsh (HNN 10/27/06), construction of 220-MW Sangtuda 2 hydro with Iran, other hydro projects on the Zaravshan River with Chinese investor participation, and transmission projects with assistance from China, the Asian Development Bank, and the Islamic Development Bank.

With funding from the World Bank, the government seeks financial, legal, and technical advice in large energy/electricity projects involving international investors. The government said the focus of the advisory assistance is to ensure that the interests of Tajikistan are safeguarded and the benefits accrue to Tajikistan. Work is to begin in mid-March.

Expressions of interest and qualifications are due to the address below by February 15. For information, contact Pulod Muhiddinov, First Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Energy and Industry, 22 Rudaki Avenue, 3rd Floor, Dushanbe 734012 Tajikistan; (992) 37-2218730, (992) 37-2216997; Fax: (992) 37-2218889; E-mail: energo@rs.tj and minprom@tjinter.com, cc: Sodiq Haitov, World Bank, E-mail: shaitov@worldbank.org, rsharma@worldbank.org.

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