Tajikistan seeks feasibility, environmental studies of 3,600-MW Rogun

The government of Tajikistan seeks expressions of interest from consultants to perform separate feasibility and environmental-social studies of the 3,600-MW Rogun hydroelectric project on the Vakhsh River. Responses are due January 15, 2008.

Construction of Rogun began in 1980 but stalled at the end of the Soviet era. (HNN 8/30/07) The original project included a 335-meter-tall dam, reservoir and six 600-MW generating units to be built in two stages upstream of the 3,000-MW Nurek project. (HNN 6/27/07) Most of the site preparation and 60 to 70 percent of the underground works — access tunnels, penstocks, diversion and outlet tunnels, and chambers for turbines and transformers — have been completed.

The government intends to use World Bank funding for an Energy Loss Reduction Project to help restart construction of the project by financing a techno-economic feasibility study and a separate environmental-social assessment.

The techno-economic feasibility study would include assessment of all previous work as well as the entire Vakhsh River development master plan, including the nearly complete 670-MW Sangtuda 1 project (HNN 7/25/07) and the proposed Shurob hydroelectric projects. The study also would evaluate different options for dam type, height, construction phasing, reservoir operations, and dam safety.

The environmental-social assessment would be conducted to comply with World Bank and other international financial institution requirements. Assessments would include compliance requirements of applicable World Bank Safeguard Policies, including but not limited to environmental assessment, involuntary resettlement, physical cultural property, and dam safety.

In addition, both studies would receive information from, and provide information to, an independent assessment of the potential regional effects of construction of Rogun, which the World Bank plans to undertake in parallel.

The government and utility Barki Tajik invite consultants to submit expressions of interest in being short-listed for a bidding process under World Bank guidelines. Firms may bid for both studies, but should indicate their first preference because the awards will be made to separate firms.

Expressions of interest and qualifications are due to the addresses below by mail or e-mail by January 15, 2008.

For information, contact:
o Deputy Chairman Sirojiddin Saidov, OSHPC, Barki Tajik, 64, I. Somoni St., 734026 Dushanbe, Tajikistan; E-mail: prgbt@tajnet.com;
o Team Leader Raghuveer Sharma, Central Asia Energy Program, World Bank, 1818 H St., N.W., Washington, DC; Tel. (in Tajikistan): (992) 372-295632; Fax: (992) 372-358764; E-mail: rsharma@worldbank.org.

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