Tendering cleared for Argentina’s 90-MW Portezuelo del Viento

A Rio Colorado Basin agency has approved plans by Mendoza Province to develop the 90-MW Portezuelo del Viento hydroelectric project on Argentina’s Rio Grande.

Province officials said approval by the Comite Interjurisdiccional del Rio Colorado (COIRCO) clears the way for Mendoza’s Ministerio de Ambiente y Obras Publicas to draft tender documents for design of the estimated 1 billion peso (US$324 million) project. COIRCO includes provinces in the Rio Colorado Basin, including Mendoza, Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Rio Negro, and Neuquen.

Mendoza officials said project preparation is expected to require two years and will cost from 10 million to 15 million pesos (US$3.2 million to US$4.8 million). Actual construction is expected to take six years.

Portezuelo del Viento is to include a 151-meter-tall, 510-meter-long concrete-faced rockfill dam and a powerhouse containing three 30-MW Francis turbine-generators.

For information, contact Province of Mendoza, Ministerio de Ambiente y Obras Publicas, Direccion de Administracion de Contratos y Obras Publicas, Av. L. Peltier 351, 7 Piso, Mendoza M5500IDE, Argentina; (54) 261-4492607; Fax: (54) 261-4492616; E-mail: rtomba@mendoza.gov.ar; Internet: www.obras.mendoza.gov.ar.


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