The more things change …

Here at PennWell’s Hydro Group, we’re a small team. So, as you can imagine, when the team is incomplete, it creates chaos in terms of work flow and productivity.

We faced this situation for a couple of months, but the “hard times” are over. I am pleased to announce that about three weeks ago, we hired a new associate editor: Gregory B. Poindexter. Greg (or Dex, as he prefers to be called) joined us in mid-October and has jumped in with both feet, writing news stories to post on this site, developing content for both Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines, and even creating a video while visiting Grand River Dam Authority’s 130-MW Robert S. Kerr Dam. We are excited about his enthusiasm and drive.

Dex has a strong journalistic background, and we aim to take full advantage of it! He came to us after spending more than seven years as a reporter, chief photographer and managing editor for community newspapers in the Tulsa area. He also is an experienced videographer, having established his own business. The video mentioned above is a good example of his work.

What Dex does NOT have is a strong grounding in hydropower. I’m not saying that as a negative, however. When I began working in this industry nearly 11(!) years ago, I knew about the same amount as Dex does about hydroelectric power generation. And I will always cherish the memories of people “taking me under their wings” and patiently explaining to me the ins and outs of hydropower. I will be grateful to all of you for doing the same thing for our new hire. He’s eager to learn, and with your help he’ll get up to speed very quickly.

Other recent changes in the Hydro Group include my promotion to managing editor (from senior editor) and Michael Harris’ change in focus, from online editor (responsible solely for news and other content on to associate editor (responsible for providing content across all our informational platforms, from the website to the magazines to the events). Michael’s face should be a familiar one, and in this new role he’ll be getting out and about more, attending industry events and interacting with all of you.

Finally, we have a new conference manager for HydroVision International. Andrea Harner started, ironically, the same day as Dex. If you are involved in HydroVision International in pretty much any role (committee member, moderator, speaker, exhibitor), expect to hear from her between now and next July.

Yes, we’ve had a lot of changes, but the one thing that has NOT changed is our commitment to delivering practical, useful information, helpful examples and constructive guidance to help you do your job better and more efficiently. In short, we plan to continue to be: The Hydro Industry’s Proven Authority.

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