The next HYDRO+ episode: Market Trends: Adapting Hydropower for Changing Conditions

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 10 a.m. central time in the U.S. for another educational, technical session in our HYDRO+ Series on adapting hydropower for changing conditions.

The growing penetration of variable renewables into the global electric power market affects the hydroelectric power industry in a variety of ways, leading to an entirely new operating regime for the equipment and plants, as well as demand to provide services needed for grid support. Add this to significant variabilities in weather patterns and “fuel” availability, and hydro plant owners and operators face a brave new world. During this educational webcast, two technical papers will be presented, focused on the theme of adapting hydropower for changing conditions. John Etzel, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Hydroelectric Design Center, track chair for Market Trends and Asset Strategies at HYDROVISION International, will moderate this session.

For the first technical presentation, Mark Parrish with the Corps will dissect the uncertainty between hydrology, energy values and unit outages in determining the biggest drivers on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ national modernization initiative. The Corps uses this initiative to prioritize improvements at its hydroelectric facilities on a capital level.

The second technical presentation, by Brent Ward and Tomas Jutbo with Voith Group, will focus on how the pace of change of society’s demands has accelerated with its mobility, and this has pushed hydropower to adapt and evolve in ways not imagined by equipment designers even 10 years ago.  A massive mindshift has to take place to accept that equally nimble digital technologies can be leveraged to get out ahead of the curve.  Today’s digital asset management capabilities coupled with condition monitoring and advanced data analytics can bring world-class predictive maintenance capabilities to even the most modest operations to assure the assets are optimized uniquely and individually to their changing environment.

A certificate of attendance will be offered.

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