TP Ocean releases “Strategic Research Agenda” for Europe’s ocean energy industry

On Nov. 25, the European Technology & Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy (TP Ocean) announced it has defined the research priorities for Europe’s ocean energy industry in its “Strategic Research Agenda” (SRA) report.

The document aims to increase reliability, while reducing risk and technology costs, in the most efficient manner across the ocean energy industry.

SRA is the first European document to prioritize research topics for the ocean energy industry and was produced by 220 industry experts from 150 organizations during a two-year period. The organization said it is the industry’s main input into European and national research programs.

Jacopo Moccia, TP Ocean secretary general, outlined the importance of the publication, saying, “Research, development and innovation investment has the biggest impact when it is prioritized and coordinated. The SRA provides the industry’s consensus on where research programs, such as the EU’s Horizon 2020, should focus. It will also help coordinate ocean energy research across Europe.”

Andras Siegler, director of the Energy, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission welcomed the publication, saying, “This report from the ocean energy industry is very timely. The Commission is now developing new policies to support research and innovation, and the SRA is a welcome input to this process.”

The SRA recognizes that for ocean energy to achieve its full potential and play a major role in Europe’s energy mix, its cost of energy needs to come down and tend towards €c10/kWh (US$0.11) or lower.

Moccia said he thinks the industry has three core challenges ahead if it is to reach its cost targets: Improving the reliability of ocean energy devices; reducing the perceived technology risk; and reducing technology costs.


“These need to be addressed in that order. The SRA prioritizes research topics which address these challenges,” he said.

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