TransAlta pulls proposal for 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant

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Canada’s TransAlta has rescinded its application to build the 100-MW Dunvegan hydropower plant on the Peace River, according to a letter filed this week with the Alberta Utilities Commission.

The run-of-river project was originally planned to have been completed in 2014 after receiving approval in 2009, at which point the plant was being developed by Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. Rights to develop Dunvegan were transferred to TransAlta when the utility purchased CHD later that year.

TransAlta asked the utilities commission for a nine-year extension on Dunvegan’s completion date this past May, but now cites uncertainty within the province as reason for withdrawing its proposal.

“[TransAlta] will take steps to update the necessary studies and reapply for the Dunvegan hydroelectric project when economic conditions are more favorable,” the company’s letter to the Alberta Utilities Commission said.

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