Turkish energy market consulting includes hydro component

Turkiye Elektrik Iletim (TEIAS), the Turkish Electricity Transmission Co., invites expressions of interest from consultants to develop a water value model and a day ahead dispatch tool for Turkey’s energy liberalization program. Responses are due March 22.

TEIAS, which is responsible for both electricity system and power market operation, is performing technical studies and preparatory work to design and implement a power market structure. Turkey’s parliament approved a law in 2001 that is to: end the state monopoly over the power sector; result in privatization of generating assets, including government-owned hydropower plants; and establish an electricity market regulatory board to prevent uncompetitive practices.

Consulting services sought include implementation of a water value model to enable efficient hydropower bids and to facilitate decision making and medium-term reservoir planning by hydro generators. TEIAS also seeks implementation of a day ahead dispatch tool to support bid evaluation, minimizing the cost of covering imbalances and the risk of possible discriminatory actions by the system operator.

Water value model to price hydro in power system

TEIAS said, in a market environment, the value of hydropower generation has to be priced efficiently and adequately so that hydro generation maximizes energy revenues and hedges prices and quantity risks for hydro generators, but also reduces operation costs. It said the water value model must be capable of pricing hydro generation (water storage) in a multi-reservoir hydro-thermal power system.

Work is to be carried out between April 2006 and July 2006. Expressions of interest, and qualifications, in triplicate, are due by 5 p.m. March 22 to the address below. Expressions are to be labeled “Application for Consulting Services for Implementation of the Water Value Model and Day Ahead Dispatch Tool, Grant No. TF053753.”

For information, contact Unal Terzi, Turkiye Elektrik Iletim AS, Elektrik Piyasa Hizmetleri ve Mali Uzlastirma Dairesi, Baskanligi, Inonu Bulvari, No. 27, Kat 14, Bahcelievler, Ankara, Turkey; (90) 312-2159830; Fax: (90) 312-2159800; E-mail: unal.terzi@teias.gov.tr; Internet: www.teias.gov.tr.

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