U.S. approves $54.55 million for emergency work at 270-MW Wolf Creek Dam

The omnibus spending bill signed by President Obama March 11 includes $54.55 million this year to continue dam safety repairs to 270-MW Wolf Creek Dam at Jamestown, Ky.

The Corps previously identified the earthfill and concrete gravity dam as being critically near failure or having extremely high life or economic risk. (HNN 2/2/09)

Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky., said he secured the dam safety funds in the omnibus bill, plus another $314,000 to make recreational improvements to Wolf Creek’s reservoir, Lake Cumberland. (HNN 3/16/09)

Rogers, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, said the $54.55 million would go to the Wolf Creek Dam Seepage Rehabilitation Project, already in progress. He said the remaining $314,000 would be used to make recreational and structural improvements to degraded Lake Cumberland structures.

�Lake Cumberland is the crown jewel of Kentucky lakes, and shoring up Wolf Creek Dam for boaters and fishermen, lake-dependent businesses, and tourism-dependent communities is of the utmost importance,� Rogers said. �I am pleased that this project remains a top funding priority for the Corps nationwide and that progress toward timely, successful completion of these repairs steadily continues.�

The Corps awarded a $341.4 million construction contract for a 4,200-foot-long concrete seepage barrier at Wolf Creek to Treviicos Soletanche JV of Boston in 2008. (HNN 8/4/08) The cutoff wall is the primary element of the seepage rehabilitation project. It is to be built deep into foundation rock beneath the 5,736-foot-long, 258-foot-tall dam to stop seepage. Work began in fall 2008; the contract performance period is four years.

Treviicos Soletanche is installing instrumentation and working toward completion of upstream and downstream grout lines for the cutoff wall. Sixty-six piezometers have been automated, providing real-time data so managers can closely monitor that area of the dam involving invasive construction activities, the Corps said. A number of subcontractors are at the site, including Boart Longyear, Pyles Bristol, and Weddle Construction.

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