U.S. awards contract for 199-MW Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $62.6 million construction contract for an auxiliary spillway to increase dam safety and flood protection at 198.72-MW Folsom Dam in California.

Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar announced the award April 27 to Martin Brothers Construction of Sacramento. It is the second in a series of construction contracts for the new auxiliary spillway. Kiewit Pacific Co. of Concord, Calif., was awarded the first contract, for $16 million, in 2007. (HydroWorld 10/3/07)

Reclamation, the Corps of Engineers, Central Valley Flood Protection Board, and Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency are cooperating on the auxiliary spillway, being built as a joint federal project.

The auxiliary spillway project consists of an approach channel, a control structure with six submerged tainter gates, a concrete-lined spillway chute about 3,000 feet long, and a stilling basin to dissipate energy before water is discharged into the American River below the main dam.

The new contract includes spillway excavation, construction of a stilling basin coffer dam, relocation of a 42-inch water supply pipeline, and ancillary access roads. The work is to be completed in fall 2010. Phase III construction will follow thereafter, with the entire project expected to be complete by 2015, Interior said.

The spillway is to address the risk of possible overtopping of the dam and dikes during an extreme storm identified through Reclamation’s Safety of Dams evaluation program. The project also will achieve the Corps’ objective of doubling the flood protection for the city of Sacramento, to a 200-year flood.

The new work will not be funded from the $260 million slated for California from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which did include $22.3 million to address dam safety concerns at the dam. (HydroWorld 4/15/09) However, Interior said the new work is consistent with President Obama’s goal to jump-start the economy, create jobs, and address long-neglected challenges.

A previous award for Phase II construction was made in September 2008. However, Interior said, a protest against the award was upheld by the Small Business Administration, and the contract rescinded. Discussions then were held with bidders who remained in the competitive range of the original solicitation, resulting in the new award, it said.

In addition to the new auxiliary spillway for the Folsom Dam project, Reclamation is to complete dam safety work on Dikes 4 and 6, and Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam. (HydroWorld 5/12/08)

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