U.S. uses PrismTech software to upgrade controls at 6,809-MW Grand Coulee

GRAND COULEE, Wash., U.S. 11/16/11 (PennWell) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is utilizing new PrismTech data distribution service software to upgrade controls at the 6,809-MW Grand Coulee hydroelectric project.

PrismTech announced the global launch of its OpenSplice DDS V6 data distribution service software Nov. 3. The software developer said OpenSplice DDS V6 is the first DDS product that introduces configurable support for both library-based and shared memory clustered deployment options, which provide customers flexibility and control over performance.

PrismTech said the Corps was one of the first customers to benefit from OpenSplice DDS V6, using it for a major upgrade to the control system at Grand Coulee, which has four powerhouses with 33 generators. The Bureau of Reclamation took bids in October to replace switchyard relays and install a communication system for Grand Coulee’s Third Power Plant.

Dave Brown, chief architect of the Generic Data Acquisition and Control System for the Army Hydroelectric Design Center, said Grand Coulee uses about 150 computers that make ease of deployment an important issue to the Corps.

“Around two years ago, we selected DDS as the real-time publish-subscribe messaging middleware for the dam upgrade program, convinced that it was the right technology for our needs,” Brown said. “OpenSplice DDS met all our rigorous performance and acceptance criteria. We went with the library-based version of OpenSplice DDS V6 because of our need for an application solution that is simple to deploy.”

While Grand Coulee currently does not use the shared memory deployment model of DDS V6, Brown said the Corps is encouraged in knowing that the software provides a stable, switchable shared memory option if the Corps should decide to change its architecture characteristics.

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