Uganda’s 3.5-MW Paidha applies for carbon credit approval

West Nile Rural Electrification Co. (WENRECo) has applied to the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) agency for approval to sell carbon emissions credits from the 3.5-MW Paidha hydroelectric project being built on Uganda’s Nyagak River.

WENRECo, the project owner, began construction in August 2006 at Paidha in Uganda’s West Nile Region. Mavel a.s. of the Czech Republic received a subcontract from engineering-procurement-construction contractor Skodaexport a.s. to supply two turbines. (HNN 12/4/06)

The application to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change explains that the project includes the 3.5-MW hydro plant, plus a 1.5-MW oil-fired generator already providing baseload power until the hydro plant is complete in spring 2007. At that point, the thermal plant will convert to peaking mode. The project also includes an 80-kilometer sub-transmission line connecting Paidha with Nebbi and Arua, providing service to 4,000 additional customers.

WENRECo said the project is expected to offset 760,417 tons of carbon dioxide over the estimated 21-year project lifetime.

The CDM application is supported by the World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the governments of Uganda, Norway, and Finland. The project is a public-private partnership of the Uganda government and WENRECo, which is owned by Industrial Promotion Services (Kenya) Ltd.

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