Ukraine firm to supply compressors for nine hydro plants

Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo has awarded a 1.8 million euro (US$2.4 million) contract to a Ukrainian firm to supply air compressors for 46 generating units at nine hydroelectric projects.

The winning firm, Compressors International of Kyiv, was one of two competitors for the contract. (HNN 1/5/07) With a US$106 million World Bank loan, the government of the Ukraine is carrying out a hydropower rehabilitation program to improve operational stability and reliability of hydroelectric plants.

Compressors International is to supply air compressors for 46 hydropower units at the 444-MW Kaniv, 361-MW Kyiv (or Kiev), 225-MW Kyiv Pumped-Storage, 686-MW Kremenchuk (or Kremenchug), 351-MW Kakhovka, 352-MW Dniprodzerzhynsk, 702-MW Dnister, 651-MW Dnipro 1, and 661-MW Dnipro 2 hydropower projects. Equipment is to be delivered over five years.

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