Ukraine prepares for US$505 million Kakhovka 2 hydropower plant

Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry issued a draft decree, on approval of the feasibility study, to build the Kakhovka 2 hydropower project, according to a ministry announcement on March 10.

The plant’s exact cost, specific location and details of planned capacity were not mentioned in the announcement. But, locally published media reports indicate the new plant will cost about US$505 milion be completed in the next six years although no construction start date is immediately available.

Currently, the 357-MW Kakhovka run-of-river hydropower project on the Dnieper River in Kakhovka has been generating power since being commissioned in 1956. The plant is one of seven projects in the Dnieper cascade.

The other six hydropower projects in the cascade include: 352-MW Dnieper 1, completed in 1932; the 624-MW Kremenchuk, completed in 1960; 325-MW Dniprodzerzhynsk, completed in 1964; the 586-MW Kyiv, completed in 1968; the 828-MW Dnieper 2 (Dniprohes 2) expansion of Dnieper 1 began in 1969; and the 444-MW Kaniv was completed in 1975.

The ministry said financing for the plant will include credits granted under state guarantees to hydropower utility PJSC UkrHydroEnergo, co-financing by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and internal funds.

The ministry said implementation of the project will increase the level of reliability and improve power quality of the unified energy system of Ukraine. The new plant will also increase power generated by renewable resources, provide savings on fossil fuel use and improve the reliability of the power system as a whole.

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