UPDATE – BC Hydro extends new turbine bidding for 1,668-MW Mica Creek

BC Hydro has extended the deadline for bids to design, supply, and install two new turbine-generators at the 1,668-MW Mica Creek project, on the Columbia River in southeastern British Columbia. Bids now are due Feb. 27.

Bids previously were due Jan. 15. (HNN 10/21/08)

The solicitation calls for vertical shaft Francis-type turbines, each with a minimum rated output of 520.3 MW. Turbines will be coupled to synchronous generators, each with a nominal rating of 570 megavolt-amperes.

Mica Creek powerhouse, near Revelstoke, was designed for six vertical shaft turbine-generators. It now contains four generating units featuring Francis-type turbines coupled to umbrella-type generators rated at 457 MVa. Space is provided for the two additional units.

BC Hydro plans to add the two new units, Units 5 and 6, to increase the project’s installed capacity. The new units also are to provide more effective regulation of the power plant under various loading conditions.

BC Hydro also is conducting a C$97 million (US$77 million) program to replace stators on all four existing units, to be completed in fiscal year 2010. (HNN 3/4/08) Output of each unit will increase to 500 MW from 417 MW.

Bidders must submit a confidentiality agreement to the address below to obtain copies of tender documents NTV 8-8050. Subscribers to the BC Bid Internet site can obtain a copy of the confidentiality agreement on the site, www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca. Other prospective bidders can request a copy by e-mail or fax from the address below.

Bids are due Feb. 27. For information, contact Jason Yuen, Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing, Accenture Business Services for Utilities, 19th Floor � 401 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6B 5A1; (1) 604-663-3969; Fax: (1) 604-663-3915; E-mail: jason.yuen@absu.accenture.com.

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