UPDATE – BC Hydro issues list of Clean Power Call hydro offers

BC Hydro issued the full list of responses to its Clean Power Call late Dec. 1, saying it received offers from 45 hydropower projects representing 8,700 gigawatt-hours of annual generation.

The utility took proposals Nov. 25 from independent power projects to provide up to 5,000 gigawatt-hours annually of clean or renewable energy. (HNN 6/13/08) A spokesman said 43 independent power producers submitted a total of 68 projects. All projects totaled 7,000 MW and 17,000 GWh of annual generation. (HNN 12/1/08)

In addition to the 45 hydro projects, offers included 19 wind projects and four projects powered by waste heat, biogas, or biomass.

BC Hydro listed only developer names and project location cities. It said it could not release details about specific projects, generating capacities, or technologies until electricity purchase agreements are reached in 2009. However, five hydro developers quickly announced offers totaling 1,624 MW.

Plutonic submits 1,193-MW Upper Toba, Bute Inlet projects

Plutonic Power Corp. and GE Energy Financial Services announced they submitted two bids to BC Hydro offering nearly 1,200 MW from projects costing more than C$4 billion (US$3.25 billion). Plutonic said the 20 hydro plant sites in the Upper Toba Valley and at Bute Inlet, near towns of Powell River and Campbell River along British Columbia’s southwestern coast, represent the largest single private sector investment in hydropower generation in Canada.

The Upper Toba Valley project is a series of three sites with a capacity of 166 MW. The Bute Inlet project includes 17 sites with a capacity of 1,027 MW, Plutonic said. (HNN 12/1/08)

Innergex submits five hydro projects totaling 196 MW

Filing under the names of subsidiaries Creek Power Inc. and Hurley River Hydro L.P., Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. submitted proposals for five hydropower projects totaling 196 MW at Pemberton on British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The run-of-river projects were identified as Hurley River (previously Creek), Upper Lillooet River (previously Creek), Gun Creek, Boulder Creek, and North Creek. (HNN 12/1/08)

Run of River submits two projects, nine plants, totaling 190 MW

Run of River Power Inc. announced it submitted two proposals, one for the 155-MW, seven-plant Upper Pitt River project and one for two of the three plants in its Mamquam project totaling 35 MW. (HNN 12/1/08)

Sea Breeze submits 25-MW Cascade Heritage

Sea Breeze Power Corp. said its Powerhouse Developments Inc. subsidiary submitted a proposal to supply power from its 25-MW Cascade Heritage Power run-of-river project proposed for the Kettle River. The powerhouse is to be built near Cristina Lake, at the site of an abandoned hydroelectric project at Cascade Falls. (HNN 12/1/08)

Swift Power submits 20-MW Dasque Cluster

Swift Power Corp. announced it submitted a proposal to supply up to 20 MW from the Dasque Cluster hydropower project. The run-of-river hydropower cluster is located on two adjacent creeks, Dasque Creek and Middle Creek, near Terrace, B.C. (HNN 12/1/08)

Other hydro proposals submitted

Although BC Hydro declined to release details about specific projects, a number of the companies that submitted proposals are known to be working on hydro projects.

o AltaGas Ltd., an energy infrastructure company including both wind and hydro projects, submitted one proposal for the Sparwood area and three for the Stewart area. In August, AltaGas agreed to purchase hydropower project developer NovaGreenPower Inc. (HNN 8/7/08) In February, it bought four British Columbia hydro projects from Plutonic Power Corp. (HNN 2/14/08)

o Anderson River Hydro Ltd., a subsidiary of Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., submitted a proposal for the Spuzzum area. Anderson has a waterpower application under review with the B.C. government for a hydro project on the Anderson River at Spuzzum.

o Atla Energy Corp., which submitted a proposal for a project in the Mica area, previously announced it is pursuing clusters of run-of-river hydroelectric projects throughout British Columbia.

o Box Canyon Hydro Corp. and Sound Energy Inc. submitted a proposal for the Port Mellon area. Sound Energy, which develops run-of-river hydro, has said it plans a 10-MW project on Box Creek and Marty Creek.

o Castle Mountain Hydro Ltd. submitted a proposal for the McBride area. It has said it is developing an 8-MW project on Benjamin Creek.

o C-Free Power Corp., a developer of wind and hydropower projects, submitted a proposal for the Gold Bridge area.

o Cloudworks Energy Inc., which is developing the 151.8-MW Harrison Hydro complex, submitted proposals for three projects in the Mission area, two in the Campbell River area, and one in the Harrison Hot Springs area. (HNN 8/21/08)

o Confederation Power Hydro L.P. submitted proposals for two projects in the Kitsault area. The company is developing the 38-MW Upper Kitsault Valley Project cluster, near Alice Arm. The cluster is to feature six developments along the Kitsault River Valley: 7-MW Upper Kitsault River; 12-MW Homestake Creek; 4.8-MW Stark Creek; 2.5-MW Lyall Creek; 6.2-MW Evindsen Creek; and 5.5-MW Trout Creek.

o ENMAX Syntaris Bid Corp., an affiliate of Syntaris Power Corp., submitted proposals for projects in the Squamish, Terrace, and Chilliwack areas. ENMAX Energy, a subsidiary of ENMAX Corp., previously registered three projects for the solicitation: 12-MW Caribou Creek; 3.5-MW Centre Creek; and 12- to 14-MW Phantom Lake. (HNN 8/15/08) Syntaris Power, formerly known as Max Pacific Power, has said it planned to submitted projects to the Clean Power Call, including 24-MW Culliton Creek, 72-MW Kinskuch Lake, 10-MW Chipmunk Creek, and 18-MW Maselpanik Creek. (HNN 5/23/08)

o Fosthall Creek Power L.P. submitted a proposal for a project in the Nakusp area. The company is developing the Fosthall Creek hydroelectric project on Fosthall Creek, on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake north of Nakusp.

o Greengen Holdings Ltd., doing business as Pacific Greengen Power, proposed a project at Douglas IR/Harrison Hot Springs. Pacific Greengen has been developing hydro projects including the 10-MW Fries Creek project in B.C.

o Hawkeye Energy Corp., which previously announced plans to offer 12 hydro projects totaling 180 MW in BC Hydro’s Clean Power Call, submitted a proposal for the Powell River area. (HNN 11/20/08)

o Hydromax Energy Ltd., a division on ENMAX Corp., submitted proposals for the Gibsons and Sechelt areas. (HNN 4/4/08)

o Kleana Power Corp., which is pursuing a 700-MW run-of-river hydroelectric project on the Klinaklini River (HNN 9/27/07), submitted a proposal for the Campbell River area.

o Kwagis Power L.P., which proposes to build and operate a 55-MW run-of-river project near Port McNeill, submitted a proposal for that area.

o Long Lake Joint Venture, which has proposed a 16-MW Long Lake project near Stewart, submitted a proposal for that area.

o Purcell Green Power Inc., which won a contract in 2006 to sell 90.5-MW to BC Hydro from its 125-MW Glacier Creek and Howser Creek project (HNN 8/7/07), submitted a proposal for the project’s Meadow Creek area. Purcell has said it might submit the additional 34.5 MW of project capacity to the utility.

o Ryan River Joint Venture, led by Regional Power Inc., submitted a proposal for the Pemberton area, where it is developing a 145-MW Ryan River run-of-river project.

o Selkirk Power Co. Ltd. submitted a proposal for the Golden area, where it is developing three hydropower developments, Alder, Cupola, and Ventego.

o Stlixwim First Project Corp. and Stlixwim Partnership submitted three proposals for the Sechelt area. Stlixwim Hydro Corp. has proposed building and operating six interconnected run-of-river projects totaling 62 MW in five streams that discharge into either the Tzoonie River or Narrows Inlet northeast of Sechelt.

The Clean Power Call targets clean energy from large projects using proven technologies such as hydropower, wind, solar, and geothermal energy, among others. The Clean Power Call will accommodate larger projects with extended in-service dates before 2017, BC Hydro said.

BC Hydro intends to complete evaluations and award electricity purchase agreements in April through June 2009.

The Clean Power Call complements BC Hydro’s Standing Offer Program, which invites clean or renewable power projects up to 10 MW, including hydropower, to sell to BC Hydro at a fixed price with standard contract terms and conditions. (HNN 6/9/08)


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