UPDATE – Kosovo utility seeks rehab of three plants totaling 2.85 MW

Kosovo Energy Corp. (KEK) invites expressions of interest in refurbishment and operation of three small hydroelectric projects in Kosovo totaling 2.85 MW. Responses are due October 13.

KEK intends to lease the three hydro projects, 350-kW Radavc, 600-kW Burim, and 1.9-MW Dikanc, to qualified operators that will invest in needed works and operate and maintain the plants for 20 years. Project power would be sold to KEK under power purchase agreements.

The utility said the three plants, in west and south Kosovo, are in varying degrees of disrepair but have the possibility of increased capacity or generation, depending on water availability and economics.

Radavc has two units of about 175 kW each that are partly operable. The Burim project was capable of generating 600 kW under original conditions with dual intake-penstock systems and two units in the powerhouse. However Burim no longer is operating due to dismantling of equipment and partial destruction of the plant. Dikanc also is inoperable, but consists of a diversion structure, intake housing and gates, low-pressure buried penstock, pressure/collection box, pressure penstock, and powerhouse designed for two turbine-generators.

KEK proposes to choose investors that offer the best plan and the least cost power for its customers. Investors would recover their investment through power sales to KEK.

A tender dossier may be obtained by e-mail request to the address below. Expressions of interest and qualifications are due by 4 p.m. October 13. KEK plans to invite bids from qualified firms.

For information, contact Executive Director Nijaz Thaqi, Procurement Department, Kosovo Energy Corp., Street Nena Tereza, No. 36, 10000 Pristina, Kosovo; E-mail: nijazi.thaqi@kek-energy.com; Internet: www.ks-gov.net/krpp.
KEK updates response deadline.

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