UPDATE – Peru extends bidding for power from new hydro projects

Peru’s private investment agency has extended the schedule for bidding to supply power from new hydroelectric projects with delivery beginning in 2013. Applications for qualification now are due July 3, 2009, followed by power price bids August 26.
Agencia de Promocion de la Inversion Privada (ProInversion) seeks power supply bids from companies having definitive or temporary concessions to develop hydroelectric projects. Bidders must have experience operating or constructing a hydro plant of at least 50 MW in the last 10 years.
Applications for qualification previously were due May 15, followed by power price bids June 24. (HydroWorld 2/23/09)
ProInversion said the purchase of blocks of energy from new hydro projects in the medium term will facilitate financing of the projects. It said such agreements grant the security of the Peruvian government to a project. In addition, it said the government would support investor efforts to avoid delays of permitting, licensing, or social conflicts.
Bids are to include the price of supply in dollars per megawatt-hour on January 1, 2013, and the amount of energy offered. ProInversion plans to award contracts based on the lowest energy price, purchasing energy blocks until the contracts covers power system demand.
ProInversion has disseminated tender documents and preliminary drafts of concession contracts and power supply contracts. Final contract versions are to be released July 17. A fee of US$2,000 is required to participate.
Bidding documents, in Spanish, may be obtained from the ProInversion Internet site, www.proinversion.gob.pe, under the link www.proinversion.gob.pe/0/0/modulos/JER/PlantillaFichaHijo.aspx?ARE=0&PFL=0&JER=3889. Information on the extended deadlines may be found under the links “Doc. Del Proceso” and “Circulares.”
Applications for qualification are due July 3. Bids are due August 26. Winning bidders are to be named August 28.
For information, see ProInversion’s Internet site, www.proinversion.gob.pe, or contact Luis E. Cuneo Nettles, ProInversion, Paseo de la Republica No. 3361, Edificio Petroperu, Piso 8, San Isidro, Lima, Peru; (51) 1-6121200, extension 1341; Fax: (51) 1-6121210; E-mail: lortigas@proinversion.gob.pe.

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